Dec 05 2011

no love on display.

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What Is Truth
Without Lies?
And what is life
without death?

We can’t live
without regrets

So tell me,
how does it feel up there?
are you lonely?

Do you feel happy now
are you thin enough?
are you pleased
with what you’ve made me?

You know.
you’ll never win.
They told you
but you didn’t listen.

It’s you fault!
You deserve what you’ve made!

Now drown in your tears
as you watch them walk away.

is what you made
Now your life is due to be paid.

First thought when you wake
and last before sleep

What have i done?
I pray,and plead
to be denied of another day

when i think about the love
that you can’t display.
I’m just another Plague
they fester in me.
i’ll live another day.

I want to Cry
but i don’t have it in me
I just want to die
and all this planning
this web i’ve made
i knew what i was doing
this is how i deserve to die.

So i planned my own suicide.

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