Sep 18 2010

No More Tears

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The time for tears is over its time for me to be strong & hold back the tears put on a brave face can’t let people see me cry a single tear

people say that crying makes u stronger but crying makes you look weak in people eyes

I don’t want to look weak cuz i am a strong person

that will not be broken down

that will be strong & will protect my family

this is my promise to you i will not cry in front of you & i will fight for you

so i say NO MORE TEARS!!

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One Response to “No More Tears”

  1. Christinaon 23 Sep 2010 at 2:40 am

    i think that this poem made me feel like im not the only one that has to be strong and fight through the tears. I like it!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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