Jul 21 2010


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Standing at the corner, i feel death..
staring down the alley, you see her there..
why so loud? You dare not to ask her,
i follow you in your head, with one last breath.
Dark is so sudden to approach you, you didn’t expect it.
Follow me to the light where for once you can be here without any laughter.
Forever remain the same after i show you this..
Can you take just one last remorse.
Grasp the past, and see beyond the jokes..
Down this dark alley is where you will find the light.
Before you take this walk, make sure you are where makes you happy.
Life for you will suddenly change in just one second. Think about your fears how fast they can turn to pain.
I spent years trying to unremember anything good you wanted in this life.
Please i bare not to have another fight, i am about to die..
I ask not to follow this light, hold my hand continue to drown in my fears..
Sorry i can not decide my very own fate..
What is real, isn’t what it will appear to be..
the illusion you wish to see through…
Its all in your head.. on an on… without change.
This feeling of death is a piece of me, something that shall never go away. .
Now is the time for me to step forward an admit i will not make it through this life without being normal.

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