Aug 06 2012

Not A Man

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You said love.
How stupid i was to believe
how wrong it sounded
to hear you say
that you loved

I always knew,
that happy ending’ aren’t real,
No big enough
to make your words’
ring true.

So here we are,
Ending us
as abruptly
as the start.
When you kissed me
but now we are
no more.

I should have known
that you were dangerous,
to let near my heart.
I should have known this
from the very

Never again
will i let another
rip me apart,
i will learn again how
to silence this naive heart.

No more
will i kiss your lips
no more
will i be embraced
by you strong arms
no more will i be hit
by your hand
No more,
will i have to crumble
to the ground.

You’re just a boy,
Not yet a man
and from the bruises
you left on my skin
and heart
you should know,
you can’t feign love
to rip someone apart.

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