Feb 22 2012

Not alive

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Her pasty skin
Her glazed over eyes
It seems as though
She has already died
She has lost her hope
She has lost her mind
All because she
Can’t leave the hate behind
Take hate away
And what do you get
Love and sadness
Faith and regret
She doesn’t need these
She hopes they will die
But the people around her
always ask why
Why not she says
It’s the best gift and revenge
Best way to replace your hate
And to make amends
Then in return
Give me death as well
Then everything will be swell
We won’t have to fight
Their will only be love
Happiness replaces sadness
As we both float above
But I have to agree with this
Dead girl,who is actually me

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  1. adminon 22 Feb 2012 at 2:41 am

    very nice

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