Jul 18 2014

Nowhere to Go

Published by at 3:47 am under Betrayal Poems

I’m thrown out like a piece of trash
I have nowhere to go
There’s nothing left but memories
and sobs that fail to slow.

I went up there to try and plead
You had no heart or soul
I thought you were a human being.
A monster’s in control.

All of it was one big lie
A huge waste of my time
And still I’d beg to find a way
To have it back as mine.

I messed up and I shouldn’t have
Now judgement’s more than cruel.
You killed me, left me in cold blood,
I guess I was a fool.

Mistakes that caused the death of me.
Your hands are stained dark red.
And now that you’ve let go of me,
I’m nothing more than dead.

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