Nov 11 2010

Emotional Pain

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Emotional Pain
No one to love,once again.
Watching you act like nothing happened.
Makes my tears a secret eternal rain.
I almost wish it didn’t end.
For I’m afraid I feel an unbearable pain.
Wish I had you in my arms again.
Like no harsh words said.
This is what my heart feels.
With unchanging motion.
I truly am sorry fo the pain you feel.
Just only hope in time, we’ll both heal..

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  1. pixieon 12 Nov 2010 at 6:17 pm


  2. iwait4you4everon 17 Feb 2011 at 3:29 am

    man this is how i feel about my ex.. as much as we both have hurt each other… there really is no one else for me.. i may love other people but its not the same pure unconditional love that I feel for him.. when he isnt around its like a huge piece of me is missing and i know i shouldnt but i feel so lost without him : / whoever said love is simple didnt know a thing.. but i know one thing he is worth every tear that I cry every single night and I have faith that refuses to die despite all of the pain I am trying to let go of.. maybe one day we will meet again and things will be what I feel they were always meant to be.. but for now we walk our own seperate paths.. i just hope he knows how much I still love him

  3. Ashleyon 08 Apr 2011 at 8:49 pm

    ;-( Love your poem I felt the same way after my break up with my bf 8) It makes me sick to think about it :sick: :whistle: :p :woot: He is dead to me now is dead to me.i am his devil 👿

  4. Ashleyon 08 Apr 2011 at 8:52 pm

    ;-( Love your poem I felt the same way after my break up with my bf 8) It makes me sick to think about it :sick: :whistle: :p :woot: He is dead to me now is dead to me.i am his devil 👿 :love: I moved on to someone better :angel:

  5. ericon 11 Jul 2011 at 3:21 pm

    I am 39 and fell in love for the first ex ended it a couple days ago.we have talked almost daily.we are friends.I believe she was my one true love.I made so many mistakes and I hate myself for what I have put her through.I’m empty and I see no light at the end of the tunnel.I have never felt such a pain.I just want my heart to give

  6. Brittanyon 04 Sep 2012 at 3:55 am

    I feelt jus like this it really hurts everytime I think of it I feel.down I say I moved on but did I really I coves my self but deep dwn I still care I jate my self for that bcz he hurt me soo bad n I still care ;-( all I can do is keep movn theirs no lookn back but I wont u too feel the hury u put me

  7. K.J.L.on 18 Jan 2014 at 12:28 am

    I like this poem. I went through something similar even though I am only 14. This might be a long story but I just want to get it off my chest. So, I moved to TN in 2013 and I went to 7th grade and when I went to my new school I met a lot of people. Although, I didn’t have many friends that year because I was sooooo shy! But everyone was talking about this guy named River, and they said that he got in trouble that year because of something bad he did (which wasn’t that bad) and he got sent to behavorial school. So, then summer came and I hung out with my friends and one of my friends brought him up again. So, like a month or two before I went back to school to start my 8th grade year I was talking to this guy named Eric. ( I met him through my friend ) I thought that he was like the sweetest thing ever !!! < There is this place called skatetown that teens my age would go to, to hang out and skate and stuff ( that's where I met Eric ) and one day I went there to hang out with Eric but his friends were there and the only reason why I went to skatetown was because I wanted to hang out with Eric but instead he didn't hangout with me, as many times as I told him to, he just hung out with his friends. So, all that night we didn't hang out. The next morning I texted him and asked him why he didn't hang out with me and I asked him if he was embarrassed to be with me and he replied "idk." So, I < stopped talking to him and then like a week later school started and I FINALLY met River :love: ^_^ From last year I knew this guy named Zack, which is Rivers best friend. So, like the 3rd day of school Zack called me over to him and asked if I could hangout at the park. I said I would have to ask my dad ( my dad is over protective! ) and he said ok. So I went home and asked my dad but I lied and said that I was going to go hangout with my friend Jaime, because my dad doesn't really let me hang out with guys. And he said yes, which was suprising. So, I met up with them and we went to the park and we sat on the very top of the bleachers outside and we were just flirting with each other and he sorta kinda leaned in for a kiss but I think he thought that I would reject it and so he backed off. But then we flirted a lot more and he finally leaned in for a kiss. I accepted. I would have to say that was like the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! The next day I told my friends at school that we hung out and kissed and as we were all walking down the hallway to go to class he was walking down the hallway with Zack and my friends pointed at me and were like "I know what yall did!" It was like really funny but embarrassing at the same time and he smiled so big and blushed! It made me feel good! :love: Then a couple weeks later he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. So we dated for like 2 weeks 🙁 He was the FIRST guy to EVER break up with me FIRST! It was like mind blowing because he sent "It's over" through a text .-. I liked him A LOT!<< But im skipping the other parts and moving on to what happened (btw we got back together like a week later and dated for like another 2 weeks) Anyway, he was like the only guy I liked this much, I haven't felt the same about anyone in my WHOLE life. But then I had to move and I miss him soooo much ! 🙁 ;-( ;-( ;-( Everyday he crosses my mind. He hurt me so much, the things he did to me. But he will always be my one and only. Forever and always. I wish that we would just meet again and everything go back to normal. I miss him. I love him. ;-( I miss the way we kissed and hugged and held hands. He was my everything. Now he doesn't talk to me. But I hope that he that he thinks of me more then I think of him. </3 ;-( Youll always be in my heart..! :kiss: :love: 🙁 ;-(

  8. Kameronon 20 Feb 2015 at 11:28 pm

    Love is cruel and it hurts so bad. I’m a sophomore in high school (turning seventeen). So… I fell in love with this boy and he was so sweet to me at first and I was so in love with him, he made me happy when we hung out and he called me his beautiful princess and told me he loved me… I believed him. Then this other girl who liked him… began bullying and harassing me and he never stopped her and I begged him to, but he would pretend to tell her to stop and he told me he told her but he never really did. Eventually, he stopped answering my texts and wouldn’t hang out with me. I was so heartbroken… I kept asking him what I did wrong, why he hated me, why he wanted me dead…. I tried to stand up for myself against the bullying and then he said I was a bitch for making so much trouble and I asked him what I did to him besides love him and try to make him happy…. He told me we would never be friends, that I wasn’t special, that I was a whore, that he never cared for me and he didn’t care if I was dead. He had played me from the very beginning…. I was destroyed. He had killed me. He’d taken my worth, my love and affection, my emotion and he crushed it. The only thing I feel anymore is pain. I can’t be happy anymore, every smile is fake. I began cutting again (I hadn’t done it in a year) and I tried to overdose. I had no reason to live. I still don’t. Lately he has been trying to butt back into my life and I honestly don’t know why, he knows I’m emotionally dead and I have nothing else for him to kill… he’s trying to hurt and play me again and it hurts so bad to remember him and everything he said. He told me to get out of his life forever and never come back, but now he’s trying to pretend we’re friends and it’s hurting me…. My friends have all tried to help me, saying “just get over him” and “move on” but I can’t. They don’t understand. I’ve tried. and I can’t do it.
    D…. You killed me. You’ve changed me forever… because now all I feel is pain and hurt. I will never trust the same way. I’ll never believe when somebody calls me beautiful again… I will never love the same. You’ve damaged me and you’ve hurt me to please somebody that doesn’t care for you. I hope you’re happy with yourself. Because you’re nothing but a fake and a murderer. You’re heartless. And… I still love you. And I hate both of us for it. I hate myself for everything. Especially for still loving you. I hate you so much.

  9. Dennison 06 Mar 2015 at 2:45 am

    Sounds like this guy never deserved to have you to begin with. I’ve been in your shoes, devistated by someone that I loved. In fact this is why I began to write to begin with. It was the only thing that would pull me out of my painful and broken, devistated emotional rock bottom. Love is a scary thing, it infects the mind, the heart and the soul and it can be very difficult to bounce back from such hurt. But there will come a day that you look back and realize that you never wanted him to begin with. I can promise you that.
    Find yourself someone who cares and demand that they care. If they do not then let them go before you begin to care about someone who cares not about you.

    Open up your heart to internal happiness.

    Write. Love and live.

  10. Arden Arzabalaon 08 Nov 2016 at 8:28 am


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