May 18 2011

Tears of Blood

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I left and came back again
In a stupid way
I love the feeling of pain
I wait for my eyes to open someday
It’s something I need
To live without you
Otherwise I’ll continue to bleed
I’ve forgotten what’s true
By believing all the lies.

If you are the devil
Then steal my soul
For you I’d happily burn in inferno’s deepest hole

When people tell me you’re a mistake
I tell them not to correct me
Because all I ask is for you not to neglect me

I’ve followed your path
So don’t tell me to go a different direction
When all I ask is for you to give me all your affection

Have you ever loved something that isn’t yours?
It’s harder than it looks
It’s something you can’t learn
Because love isn’t a subject found in books
You have to experience it
And enjoy it
And then suffer and cripple
Get back on your feet
Wait, rinse, and repeat.

It hurts just to think
I see your face in my mind everytime I blink
I can’t help but to hide in the dark
Not wanting to be talked to or seen
I put walls around my heart
You don’t know how hard it’s been.

In the corners,
On my pillow
I endlessly cry
Shedding tears of blood
Wondering if the pain I carry is strong enough to die.

Yet, I keep making the same mistake
When I was already replaced.
I keep wanting more
Your face I got to adore
And I don’t want to let you go
I wish I could forget
To have never known
What it’s like and how it feels
To love an addictive person like you

But one day I won’t love you anymore
I will have moved on
And let things fall where they belong
Because although we seemed right
We are different in the things we do
And one day when I sleep at night
A single tear won’t be shed for you.

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  1. pixieon 18 May 2011 at 11:04 am

    this is… comforting, somehow
    thank you for writing this

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