Sep 03 2011

One Last Chance

Published by at 8:17 am under Break Up Poems

Give Me Time To Change
Give Me Time To Love You
Give Me Time To Fix Your Heart
Give Me A Chance To Show My Love
Give Me A Chance To Be Me

Give Me Your Heart To Cherish
Give Me One Last Try With You
Give Me A Chance To Hold You
Give Me One Last Kiss Of Yours
Give Me One Last Goodbye Kiss

Give Me One Last Chance Baby
Give Me One Last Chance For Us
Give Me One Last Hug Before You Leave
Give Me One Last Chance To Fix This
Give Me One Last Chance To Be Your Man

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  1. Jennisseon 18 May 2012 at 10:20 am

    be prepared, the storm is on the way.I wasn’t rllaey listening,So I went down stairs and asked mum if I could go outside.Mum said yes, but be careful.So I went up stairs,And got dreased,Washed my face,Brushed my teeth.Then I went back down stiarsAnd put on my coat, then went out side.It started raining as soon as I got outside I got completly soaked.You did rllaey well to write this in JF’s style and all on your own! Mrs R

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