Dec 03 2010

One Last Kiss

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I walk in the room knowing the risks
I glance around to aknowledge every object in its place
I circle to get one more glimpse
Before me was a beautiful man with a beautiful face
He closed the door and with one plunge he was by me in seconds
One hand on my cheek and one on my waist
His kiss was soft as he laid me down
Our bodies pressed together, we cant be traced
As we intertwine I listen to the sweet sound
Nothing can seperate the mutinous haste
Our faces red, our breath deafening, our hearts accelerating
The sirenic sound of his voice
My mind is screeching
I cant comprehend this choice
Everything you know as wrong, in my eyes is right
He cradles me before he has to leave
No longer will I fight
For him, I will wear my heart on my sleeve

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