Feb 15 2011

One painful memory

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one cut she said
only one little cut
with a knife
on my wrist

she said only one cut
that one cut
truned into a lot of tiny cuts
that one cut made her depressed

only one tiny little cut
the words still haunt her
the scars and the pain
can never go away

that one little cut
messed up her life
left her wishing she had something
to live for

thanks to that one tiny little cut
she never feels loved
only pain
that she cant explain

this one little cut
made her like this
she looks in a mirror
begging to find her self

that little cut
which is now a scar
made her loss her self
which is when that girl thought she had to end it all

tiny little cut
still fresh in her mind
she thought long and hard
then she found her self

that tiny little cut
on that grils wrist
looking at it
she finally gets that girl is me

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