Sep 29 2011

one reason.One Purpose.

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for they are tainted
are we related?

now i’ve got a link
do i dare look at the symptoms
the things that i think

day and night
i’d hear them scream
i tried with all my might

to not let the tainted
make me dammed
to my own fate.

it poured and slithered
from the cuts i caused
slicing away at my skin
the divine feeling
she told me
it was to be thin.

i would stay up late, until it was said to be early
pushing my body
to be all it could be

even though i knew
that when i was consiered
a stick, i would still see the
the unforgivable precence
the reason
i tried to make myself sick.

now i believe it is coming back
my eyes i close
in faith i now lack.

I know all this will make me stronger
will me to “go back”
for one purpose
and one purpose only
to give you the life you traded for my soul

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