Feb 21 2011

Your Heart & Mine

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a deadly obsession, the heat in the night, the steady beat in the silence, of your heart and mine

reaching to hold you, pulling you near, lips searching lips, losing all fear

all uneasyness gone now, losing ourselves in each other, the world outside starts to melt away, hearts start to flutter

skin starts to dampen as passion ignites, i pin your hands together, and hold on tight

we move in the darkness, bodies matching in perfection, as if god made us to be together, like a flawless reflection

as one we move between sheets of silk, guiltless pleasure we share as this love we feel

candles burn low now, casting shadows across our bodies so still, we feasted upon each others pleasures taking our fill

as we lie here entangle, your eyes searching my soul, my heart felt so empty, now your love makes it whole

so close in all aspects, in heart, soul, body and mind, i don’t know what i did in life to deserve a lover so kind

my true angel of darkness, a temptation i cannot fight, all my strength i ll need to keep my angel from flight

eternal love is what i offer, your acceptance i await, i know there will never be another, love like this has to be fate

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