Sep 12 2011


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I must have swam in fresh water
Or entered some infested habitat
Because I have an organism attached to me.
And I just didn’t fathom that.

Whatever was spewing from its mouth
Must have some kind of antiseptic;
Because I couldn’t feel its presence:
Too gullible, should be more skeptic!

While I was daydreaming,
It was connecting with my heart
And sucking out my blood
Like I was some culinary art.

My nourishment was feeding it
Instead of feeding me.
My bank account was nearly empty
While its smile was gratuity.

I suppose its plan was to stay
Until it was quite full
Then to go away
With another who’d fall for its bull.

But I just paused to take a look
Because I wasn’t feeling quite well.
That’s when I discovered it
And understanding rang my bell.

There it was:
Its teeth sunk deep into my flesh.
It had best get ready:
It’s about to get a thresh!

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