Jan 11 2013

Pack My Bags’

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Empty spaces.
Lack of love,
Reflecting on relations,
That only bring misery, and distrust.

So tell me,
Why do you stay?
Why do you hurt yourself
In this way?

You did this for them.
Though they treat you like shit.
Just another punching bag.
Just waiting for the hit.

Threats go un-punished
You take the fall.
They’re the ones who raised you
And look at who you are now.

So why?
Why do I stay?
If I know, I’m just hurting myself
While they’re hurting me?

Why can’t I go?
I don’t understand.
Please. I just need hope.

So I’ll dream.
Of packing my bags,
And boarding that plane
Going back, to where I’ll feel safe.

I’ll be loved, and adored.
And never hurt in this way.
Because it hurts when you realize
You live, to feel this pain.

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