Jan 15 2013

Pain Cannot Hurt Me

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Understandable loneliness devours my soul
Keeping the pieces that once made me whole
Broken hearts suffer the pain of regret
for one single kiss that time will forget.

Boundaries crossed, but never were twice
A flash of pure heat but then cold as ice.
Longing for passion, a tender embrace
Now left with these scars that time can’t erase.

Pain cannot hurt me if I could ignore
all of these things you’d have told me before.
Teardrops are fleeting but stains my resolve
With all of these problems that time cannot solve.

Religions are built upon faith and belief
But all I can feel now is infinite grief.
With dreams of a future, but no will to try
All that time tells me is when I will die.

I’ve taken a beating, but I plan to stand
with or without you holding my hand.
As dark as this path is, I’ll walk it alone.
With time ever changing and futures unknown.

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