Jun 08 2013

Passionate moment

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Let me kiss your neck
With the curve of my lips
And then I will touch you
I will touch you
With the warmth of my hands
And caress you like feather to your skin
I will place my hands around your shoulders
And hug you closer to me
I will feel the urges rise within me
And your pleasure will creep through you
Whenever I touch you
Yet not with my hands
But with my sensual heat
I will pull your erectness
Deep inside of me
As I move slowly
Closer to you gripping you
Digging my fingers into you
Writhing in pleasure
You are in tune with me
Rocking with me
Dancing with me
In the passionate moment
In my imagination
You explode with me
Soon we begin our dance again
It is the waltz, the tango
It is theĀ  movement of love
And I could dance with you like this forever
Like I have never danced before
In this enchanting, passionate moment.

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  1. misaon 01 Dec 2013 at 7:51 am

    I have felt this but never could put it in words

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