Apr 29 2014

Perfect Match

Published by at 1:49 pm under Forever Love Poems

Those three words muttered
With complete insincerity
As I replied, I stuttered
Wondering if he’s even good for me

The past for me is filled with tears and heartbreak
As I naively, foolishly made those mistakes
But everything happens for a reason, I’m beginning to see
Because maybe you, who have been there all along, are the perfect match for me

My feelings were built
Over a long period of time
But now you know how I felt
Now I’m glad to say you’re mine

Every time I say “I love you”
It is never a lie
And I know you feel what I feel too
And our feelings will strengthen over time

Though sometimes the distance is hard
I know we can make it through
You put my heart back together, shard by shard
And I hope we will see each other soon

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