Aug 04 2011

Perfect Present

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I want to give you the biggest gift
A rare one, hard to discover
Shielded underground by any means
Or one only found in mistifying dreams
Something sweet or maybe something delicate
The one you’ve always lost because it was underestimated
Or maybe you didn’t accept it because you’re too polite
The kind that you open and can’t help but cry
You’re radiant, joyous, and intoxicated in happiness
When it finally hits your anticipating mind
With flashing fireflies and the whispering wind upon my shoulders
I get a wave of courage
Take your hands in mine,
And say:
Your love to me is essential as light is to the eyes
Or as gravity does her galactic dance
With the clouds of stars and Mercury
I couldn’t care less if people won’t accept that
I know in silence you still protected me
And if even if exhausted,
Your smile would never be selfish enough to leave your face
Tomorrow I’ll be leaving
And I’m taking with me your presence
So it never leaves
And so I can always carry it with me

I want to pass on to you
Something that will change all the views of yourself
A hidden dream or maybe never found,
The kind that you can’t open in public
Because the biggest gift
Belongs only to the two of us.

And if the end would reach us right now
Let it be in fire and flames
Just so our death reflects what I have always felt for you
Burning passion, heats of love, and wild a blaze that will never be tamed
Let it remind us of the countless nights on which sparks were made from our bodies
And let us recall how they flew up into atmosphere
Until they reached space and one by one dissipated
At the same time as some faraway star,
And bring finality to our lives and our heartbeats altogether
I wouldn’t have wanted it, any other way
And whenever life holds you back air,
You can have my breath
Denied, stolen, and never given back
Love that talks in front of me, screaming in your eyes
I point to your chest as automatic as I can count to four
And I whisper in your ear so oh very slow
“There you go”

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