Aug 27 2012


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i shouldve said that im sorry
and i shouldnt have hurt u
i shudve made it clear how much i love u
i shudve said “hey, pie? im sorry”
i shudve helped u more
i shudve begged u to stay
to please, dont go away
i shudve said sorry for my ignorance
i shudve told u i need u
i shudve said sorry for every second of upset
i shudve said sorry for my mannerisms
and my hurtful words
i shudve told u how deeply the song touched me
and how much i crave u near.
i shudve told u how kind u r
and how just
how deeply and utterly uve affected me
and the way i see life
i shudnt have said what i said
and if ever u read this,
just know
that what i said
wasnt what i wanted u to hear
what i said, the way i just gave up
isnt me
and it isnt how i feel about u
ur precious to me, an awesome friend
and im grateful for every second of happiness
im grateful for ur words, the exact ones i needed
im grateful for ur care and ur protection
im grateful that, even if u dont realize it,
uve always been there for me
and i know ive done this too many times to count
and i know it cant b easy for u to keep forgiving me
but i just need u to know, before i give up
and before u do, completely
that ive always,
been extremely, sincerely sorry
for everything
everything ive done
and said
for every moment i wasted
and every time i made u pissed
or sad
or frustrated
im sorry, pie. im sorry

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