Apr 13 2011

Played a fool

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I was played the fool,
in a joker’s game.
A guarded hand revealed the truth.
A moment lost, a decade gone,
frozen time, and a forfeiture of youth.

Played a fool in a game that I wished not to Played a fool by one I trusted, one I believed But the truth was hidden behind a masked face

Forcing one into the act of trusting…. believing

I scream now.
I hurt now, I cry now

I thought I knew you The soft smile, the gentle touches Just yet another act, just yet another trick So much of that of a joker
I scream now,
I let me anger, fuel the words
Ispeak Let the anger fuel the thoughts I think

I was a pawn in a cruel game Love the word of deceit a meaningless word One used for pain and deceit, a word that can be used To get to the heart of one, to destroy to hurt.

You think nothing of the players Of this game, even as you turn these cards I see you, I watch you I notice you evil ways and I ……scream

Shackled by the feeling of love
The days and minutes wasted spent away
To one who thought nothing of me….
The pain overwhelming, sending me into darkness

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2 Responses to “Played a fool”

  1. pixieon 15 Apr 2011 at 6:53 pm

    spectacularly divine
    (in a very sad way)

  2. lady likeon 26 Apr 2011 at 6:06 am

    that was a strong poem and in this point in my life i feel you

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