Jan 03 2013

Please Forgive Me

Published by at 4:58 am under Sorry Love Poems

I’ve tried so hard to get you back,
It seems that I was wrong.
There is no chance of fixing this;
your trust in me is gone.

I’m sorry, Pie. I really am.
My words are faint and weak…
But saying sorry is so hard,
when we no longer speak.

I wish that I could make amends,
this friendship mustn’t end.
Now all I have is history,
and three words left to send.

In honesty, I guess you’re right,
but where does that leave me?
It leaves me with a hollow ache –
one that might soon kill me.

Three words lost in a thunderstorm,
an answer is my plea.
I type the words with shaking hands,
I beg, “Please forgive me.”

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