Aug 05 2011

Poems For You

Published by at 12:16 pm under Sad Love Poems

It’s funny how I write so many poems
And most are about you
Yet you never get to see them
Because I’m scared of the outcome

Writing things that pop into my head
Some saying how I wish I was dead

I write and I write
All for you my dear
Because you told me not to harm myself
So this is the only other option

I tell you that I write
And you ask me to show you
But again I can’t
Because you’ll leave me if I do

And that will tear me to pieces
So I’ll keep writing
Until I have the courage
And I’ll show you them all at once

And then you will look at me
Probably say sorry
And then you will leave me
Because you’ll think it’s best

Then at that moment
My life will go dark
And with one little mark
I’ll be dead

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