Jul 11 2010


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It pains my heart
To see you with this other man
He hurts you and controls you
But you continue to go back


Do you remember that day
I asked you if you if he was the one
You looked over at me in silence
And your eyes told me your thoughts


You and I have fun
We are amazing together
When we put our minds to something
We can never be stopped


With the drive and passion that we have
We complete each other
There are not two people in the world
That can focus energy like we do


I thought we were just friends
Until that one night
When your guard was down
And you true feelings came to light


That night I stayed
Because you couldn’t be alone
I watched over you all night
And even the next day


I protected and nurtured you
Back to your healthy self
We shared a beautiful comfort that day
But he was coming into town


You didn’t want me to stay
Because it would get him mad
So I left for respect
And figured we continue when he had left


But that isn’t going to happen now
Because you are engaged
To the man that has hurt you
To the man that that wants to control you


I am ok
I’ll just suck it up
And pretend that there were no feelings
And that he was always the one

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2 Responses to “Pretend”

  1. armoured fighting vehicleon 12 Aug 2010 at 12:47 am

    ?maybe she has a game plan

  2. pixieon 25 Apr 2011 at 11:32 am

    i dont know why im doing this to myself
    these poems are wonderful… but its killing me

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