Jan 02 2012

Pretenders Ball

Published by at 2:17 am under Sad Love Poems

It’s all fake,
This is a pretenders ball,
And you lead me on the first dance,
Soon to be the last I know.

Standing on my feet we stutter,
starting and stopping like neon green and red.
Your effervescent essence compels me,
To want more than the emptiness you claim to have.

My twisted fate left in a deck with but one card left,
and that card, your ace in the hole is my heart, yours to bluff.

You leave me convulsing in a realm of masquerading pretenders,
all dressed in your skin, but none of them really you.
And as I watch the unreal fabricate itself,
I wonder why the world stood still when you broke me.

Ficticious, this dream ball I took you to,
But reality is the ideal behind it,
and as the ghosts of your family haunt me in your dreams,
I know I am not the betrayer.

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