Jul 21 2010


Published by at 4:21 pm under Dark Love Poems

Have you ever been torn between two people?
How you love them both..
One makes you life light up,
The other one always make you smile.
Life is a puzzle game,
how many you pieces you collect is on you.
When you walk in his shoe’s there is no more than a few pieces,
You can glance over at him, an catch the fear in his eyes..
A scared boy who lives in his made up fantasies,
All the pressure is building up in his heart,
the pain he feels brings so much grieve to himself.

I look into him an try an study the hurt, the wanted attention about him,
Stays in his own world where no one can bring down the fantasies.
As i am witting this, so many things to say but no way to fit them into this.
I in-vision the lust we once thought we had, reality hits him from out of no where,
but as soon as he thought things could get worse,he wakes up from that dream.
All gathered around, he smile’s an wonder’s why i stick around.

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