Jan 15 2013


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Sometimes the lack of sunshine can put a damper on your thoughts,
Today the sun was shining out, but my worried mind was not.
I reap the cold and bitter times, I hear them call my name,
I walk the lines on too many rhymes and I’m all my own to blame.

Sometimes I fight threw the rain, I shield myself from all the pour,
I often travel too far from home, and get rained on all the more.
And I hold the shield that gets me trapped, I get stuck all soaked in pain,
But I’m ready for days without sun rays, bring on all of your rain.
-Dennis Mayer

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2 Responses to “Rain.”

  1. pixieon 17 Jan 2013 at 7:20 pm

    What I’ve noticed (in one previous poem as well) is that there are some minor spellings errors sometimes.
    “threw” is the past tense of “throw”
    I do believe you meant through?
    Besides that, this was excellent, as all of your work tends to be.
    I like the seeming simplicity of the poem and the rhyming scheme that fits it perfectly.
    Your lines all seem very elegantly put, and I find myself rereading the poem to enjoy the lyrical aspect of it again and again.
    The first two lines of the second stanza really stuck by me (which might be why I even saw the spelling error) and kept me riveted.
    The conclusion is very strong and brings it all to an end, while still leaving you something to think about.
    This is very well written, I quite enjoyed reading it.

  2. Dennison 18 Jan 2013 at 4:27 am

    Interesting…The difference in my spelling when I write poetry and that of when I write in general.
    It seems I tend to mess up more when it’s in poetic form. Thanks for pointing it out even though it’s context is obvious— I most likely would have never noticed.
    I wouldn’t consider myself to be an expert at spelling or the use of grammar —
    But I know the difference between threw and through! Yet I read those lines more than twenty times and I did not notice like you. 😉

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