Mar 07 2012


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I guess I should have noticed when you never answered me when I called your phone. You think because of the way you had me trapped that I’m gonna give up just shrink away back down and leave you alone.

You are sorely mistaken, I’m gonna bounce back I willl fight for my love when I’m done with you the whole world will be left shaken.

No physical violence will harm you, just emotional attacks will disarm you, of your deadly weapons, your tricks and disguises, and leave your heading ring like an alarm tune.

Why did you have to end it, or was it that it had never started, your indescisons have always been known to leave people broken hearted.
So why didn’t I listen, why did I have to cross the line…
The imaginary barrier of whether you live or die. I guess its because I like to mess with fate, but now I’ve seen the real you, the one that I despise and hate. The one that lies I so blindly ate.

So I will make you suffocate, into this debate, we will drown, I swear by my reslience I will bounce back and this time your the one going down.

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  1. JuliToon 16 May 2012 at 3:52 pm

    Vivek SaraswatKabhi ho sake to prem ki uss paribhasha ko banata jo ek kitab ke akhiri panne par hum dono ko mili thi Ankho main halki si thirkan aur bas

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