Nov 29 2010

Romeo what shall I do

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O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
Whenever I think am close to finding my romeo, the trickster called love,
Always play his cruel tricks on me.
Is it thou faith for me to not you have?
or it thou faith that I really Didn’t want you?
or is it thou faith that you didn’t want me?
The trickster have made me weep many tears for you.
But you have payed no mind to the tears I cried or the pain I felt.
To you its like an other chapter in your book of lies and deceits.
I use to hang on to your every word.
Because your words was like an lullaby to my heart and soul.
now that lullaby is now like sharp blades that’s killing me softly.
But matter how much you words hurt can’t help but be fooled by them.
As the voices in my head screams, your fool, your just a play toy for love.
I scream back that am no fool, because this love do want me.
But to my cruel reality this love really didn’t want me.
O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
You say I couldn’t make up my mind for you.
But in reality my mind was mind up about you.
Because my heart and soul always chose you.
But it was you who failed to see through you lies and deceits to see I always want you.
O Romeo shall I weep tears of blood for you to believe me?
O Romeo Shall drink poison for you to believe me?
Please Romeo tell me what I must do,
Before its to late and I meet my cruel faith,
and die along with this love.

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