Aug 23 2011

Rules and the Fake

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I have just begun to stand up on my own two feet.
Yet, I already carry the weight of the world upon my shoulders
The guilty roam the streets,
The free have been imprisoned.

The young scarred with age,
The elderly shower and rejoice in youth.
Mrs. Blue accused of feeding lies,
Mr. Red worshiped for the speaking the truth.

Disorder fills the air.
Yet, I’m expected to know the difference from white and black,
To understand what they imply by fair and unfair,
And to learn the ways of the preceding generations.

I’ve got to live up to their expectations
“Behave and follow the rules.
Don’t you ever, conduct in an unfashionable way!
Stand up straight, eye contact, manners, and no silly tunes!”

“Now smile my dear,
Nothing to be frightened of,
Nothing at all to fear.
People don’t bite too hard.”

I’m constantly recieving information from you.
You tell me how things are meant to go,
I’m not allowed to think, it’s “Too dangerous”
And whenever I state my opinion the answer is always “No!”.

So much to live
A whole universe waiting for me
When I look back on my life, when I age, I don’t want to rememeber things I never did
I want to recall the times where I thought I wasn’t going to make it.

Death on every corner!
Peril ahead!
Never at home,
Let alone sleeping by myself in bed.

Sinful romance on a moonlit lake
Roses, kisses, and birds
Away from the rules and the fake,
With uncertanty for breakfeast every day.

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