Mar 01 2011

Sacred Haven

Published by at 12:16 am under Forever Love Poems

I hear the trickling softness of the stream.
The sound of bull frogs croaking their peaceful song fills my ears.
The floral sweetness of the air fills my nose and lungs as I breathe deeply and slowly.
I feel the smooth, wavy strands of grass on my hands and fingers, and the rough, tiny grains of sand on my feet and toes.
I open my eyes and see a forest of green around me. I see the river bank at my feet with a shallow, aqua stream that leads to a still, glass pond.
I look up at the deep, blue sky and watch as it fades to black.
The small, sparkling stars shine brighter tonight than ever before.
The moon shinning in all its brilliancy, hovers over my hiding place, my sacred haven.
I feel your warm touch on my skin and I know this is heaven.

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