Dec 28 2012

Scream wind scream

Published by at 11:50 am under Heartbreak Poems

Love me
Leave me
Take me
Receive kiss me
Be with me
Be for me
Lay against me
Keep me warm
Close the door on the storm
Isn’t as frightening with you around
Listen to the sound of the wind
It’s screaming
It’s heart is broken
Someone hurt it
Sweet wind
You are better than I
You are not afraid to cry
He doesn’t care about us
Cry now for tomorrow you will be still
You will take time to heal
There may still be a draft but you’ll be fine
And I’ll still be just the girl who can rhyme
Maybe one day he’ll care
Maybe one day he’ll realize we’re there
But I’m tired so I’ll rest
Because it will destroy me to confess
That he loves her
And we were just his cover
So scream wind scream
Someone has to
While I lay here and dream

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