Aug 27 2012

Sculpting love

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Love is kind, love is gentle, Love is everlasting and elemental.
Love is terrible, Love is ending , Love is violent, and never pending.

Love is beautiful and ugly, it is remarkable and uncontrollable.
Love is scarring, hateful, deceitfull, amazing, greatful.
Love is despicable and yet ironically lovable.

What is love? Is it an unbreakable bond between two individuals? or just an excuse for peace.
Matter of the fact is love is whatever you make it to be.

You can sculpt love to be beautiful or you can sculpt it to be a false fairytale.
But even fairytales have their happily ever after’s.
Love is the world, the very existence that holds us to every thing in the universe, whether it be someone, something, or just nothing.
Without love I think we would all be eternally alone and hope wouldn’t exist.

I sculpt love with everything I do, fom giving a friend a hug or telling a girl shes beautiful. Love is in our hands and that means you can never truly be alone unless you make it that way.
I think everyone in this world deserves at least some love, and if someone I don’t know asks me what I’m doing when I give them a hug. I just smile and reply. “Sculpting love.”

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