Feb 16 2013

Shameful Virgin

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I passed all these trials; all trials by fire
and only once sweetened was fake love’s desire
that bore all these secrets on shy, shameful chest –
uncovered to all: one quivering breast.

The peak of your passion was reached in my name
as I called it lust – a lie filled with shame.
I left you in weakness but spared frozen pain;
once painful to me but never again.

Doubt was my downfall and love was your death
for you swear on friendship but won’t hold your breath.
Despite all these secrets, despite letting go,
there’s one more decision: to stop or to slow?

My veins spill of poison, my blood feels of ice
as one shameful virgin was made to entice.
And born of this hatred told fearful to fight
for all of this anger has turned into spite.

Tell all of these people that love was a lie –
let truth be your weapon. Let truth make you die.
Be faithful and honest, although I was not…
Since love since has left you, it’s all that you’ve got.

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