Aug 05 2011

Shelter of Cold

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The harshness of winter
The way it holds some of us together
The mode that we perish in secrecy
The manner in which it hardens the most luminous of hearts
It’s bitter wind burns our skin
It’s aurora beams of light do grant happines to the eyes
It’s blank scenery makes us wonder
The marvel of life
It’s a method to remind us
What heaven may look like

The frost on buildings and trees
Look so petite
Yet furious of their existence
It tries to hold them back with impotence

So many have been taken
Only a few have survived
When this supernatural betrayer
Feezes their blood and sneakily ends with their lives.

Now to live in such a horrible extreme
Might appeal to few,
But to me,
It brings numbness
Oh, so comfortly
If only numbers could demonstrate
How many times the cold,
Is in my mind
The infinite nights
That I’ve dreamt of the poles
Every second of my life,
I desire being in such an icebound paradise
White is everywhere
White is inside of you, her, him, and me!
White makes all the things good, better, and alright
It has fallen from the heavens
It has fallen for me
It has fallen not as rain
But as in an arctic dream.

It makes my glacial heart feel supported
I know I am not longer by myself
I have found my soul mate in nature’s way
So many others have walked in
Just to take everything in me and then walk away
The garden once inside of me
Then sands blew inwards
What was before fertile ground,
Was eroded,
Then, after sinking in quicksands,
A sea was made from all my incessant tears
This sea was different though,
There was no undiscovered life or shiny blue glow
It was perpetual and sinister.
At last, came the icy snow
I had become a different person
An irrecognizable face
Suffering in silence
It’s better here though,
There’s so much ice, and ooh so much and so many flakes of snow!
Although, I never imagined myself taking cover in here,
But, when my heart was demolished, this is the only place I was allowed to go…

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