Sep 28 2013

Should you awake

Published by at 2:20 pm under Sad Love Poems

You’re sleeping next to me,
with words to fall asleep,
you still hold me tightly,
and dear, that’s exactly what i need.

because this pain is striking
once again
this aching pain
inside my chest.

i try not to shudder,
as it becomes hard to breathe
and hope the tears that are dripping down
don’t touch your skin,
should they make you wake.

little can i help the thoughts
raging in my head,
how peaceful i would go
should i not be here to see another day.

i think of what i want to say
to my dearest victorian friend,
and how you would feel
should you wake to find me dead.

but i can’t you see,
i fear how much you’d cry
because i love you dears,
more than i value my own life.

i stay tonight,
so you don’t shed tears by morning
so you don’t have to lose anymore,
while i stay alive and mourning.

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