Oct 14 2011

Silence of words only you know..

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all my words i repeat, silently.
hoping you will come back, you say you love me.
I want you to be happy, but be happy with me.
I guard my emotions, hoping you know my love only grows.
Your eyes are sweets,your lips addictive,i have never felt anything like this.
Confused you are tangled up between two loves, but i promise i can give you more than enough.
Love me,
Love me back.
I love you,
We could be in love.
Please come back,
Let me waste more time.
Give me an answer, quick, give me a sign.
I’m not moving, i stay here awaiting.

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One Response to “Silence of words only you know..”

  1. Petty_Gurl_Swagon 15 Oct 2011 at 12:54 am

    Stay strong ^_^

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