Oct 04 2009

Since I can’t have you

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Since I can?t have you
I?ll search the Internet
I?ll look for Mr Right
And take what I can get.
Meet with a stranger
And hope he?s my kind
Wonder how to tell him
You?re the one on my mind.

Since I can?t have you
I?ll go out with Bill & George & Jim
They?ll each give me chocolates
And think I belong to him.
If I can’t have you
Then tell me what to say.
Should I give up hoping
That love will come my way?

Tell ’em that I?m waiting
Just in case you?ll see
The best love you?ll ever have
Is the love you?ll get from me.

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One Response to “Since I can’t have you”

  1. joon 21 Apr 2010 at 7:14 pm

    This is a perfect poem the one we want but can not have.

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