Dec 17 2010

Slavery of a Heart

Published by at 12:27 pm under Sad Love Poems

what is this fleeting feeling
that is bestoving itself upon us
like the afternoon breeze
grazes the tree for its last waltz

crawling inside our skin
seeking the deepest parts of our heart
like the last glimpse of light
that hides itself in the dark

growing its roots to never let go
sharpen its thorns to never set free
falling to sleep eternaly
falling for you endlessly

screaming for you in my fantasy
reaching for you is hopelessly

’cause you’re
not to be found
not to be heard
not to be felt
and not be seen

like a ghost hiding itself from me
like a mirror reflecting my agony
I vanquish every bit of you
and tearing apart what is left of you…

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