Dec 27 2012

Sleepless Nights

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Night two.
I tense and bite my tongue.
Do not remember that hidden smile,
Like a snake,
The keys rattle,
Along with my heart.
They fall.
A few more seconds,
Till freedom lost.
My breath releases,
And senses loosen,
Till key meets lock and
Count the steps,
We wait,
And she mumbles,
Sad tunes of something lost.
One more night,
Tomorrow I will find my voice.
Someone new,
Someone better,
Someone not to laugh and mock,
As if no longer human
But rather sad, crazed animal.
See the light in my eyes,
I beg you!
Kiss the moon
And the stars
Oh, they seem so very far—
…He’s here!
Lock the doors,
And scream from fear!
The clock your only enemy.
“Tick tock,”
It sings,
“Tick tock.”
Give me lights—
He falls heavy upon the chair,
Until night overtakes,
One not caring in nature.
One night in the dark,
One night hold me hard.
It’s time,
Hear the sound of your breath,
Sense the feeling of his steps,
For shadows under the door,
Until you are no more.
A pinch a light,
A dash of hope,
Spreading wide,
And growing bold.
You see the shadows,
Feel the pain,
Of last nights,
Close your eyes,
Hold them tight,
Lest you remember that fateful night.
She mumbles on,
But it does not matter,
The insane are known for that.
I whisper softly,
He pulls me hard,
I scream in fear,
He blocks my sound.
Touch me roughly with such gentle hands,
Whisper softly in my ear,
“Don’t make a sound.”
Tick tock.
Hold your lips,
Close and tight,
Do not let them sound your fight.
His hands feel soft,
as they wander,
His aching breath,
Like crimson fire,
Licking down your chest.
It flicks and burns
And travels to your neck.
Tick Tock.
Let the flames flicker up and down,
Do not make a sound.
You move your hand,
He holds it tight,
A brutal hold,
As you fold,
Letting him have his fill.
Lustful fingers burn,
With curiosity,
not soon satisfied.
You feel them, warm,
But hold your fists.
Tick Tock.
An hour passes and it’s done,
“Now wasn’t that fun?”
You hear another scream,
Till sleeps soft needle lulls him off.
It’s not much,
Just another sleepless night.

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