Aug 30 2012

So Far Down

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So Far Down / R. Mooers 2010

Someone said life is what you make it
But some just make a mess
And when it can’t get any harder
Then I couldn’t care any less
I really wanna tangle with you
And remove you from that dress
You ask me where this is all going
Well hey, SOUTH, would be my guess

I want to take you – So far down
We can’t see the light of day
No safety in another town
So don’t try and run away
Can’t you try – Hear what I say

Someone said living in the past
Is like trying to fuck a ghost
But it’s a world where one too many people
Aren’t with the one they want the most
So you adapt – You improvise
You try somehow to come
Numbers don’t matter – When you add it all up
Are you ‘the’ – Or ‘the only’ one
Still I want to take you – So far down
To the bottom of the well
Where wishes can come true
If they don’t – Well you just can’t tell
No they won’t – But it’s just as well

We’re going to settle – So far down
At comfort in the mud
‘Till we’re as solid as a fossil
And lost – Lost in the flood
Blessedly lost – And paid in blood

I’m a bullet in your chamber
A fuse looking for a match
You can dance and call “I’ve got it”
But be careful what you catch
Love is like a gun
In the right hands you know it kills
So be sure before you fire
That you’ve honed all your skills

I’m going to take you – So far down
That you won’t have any choice
But to cling to me – Taste my world
An unknown tongue – A familiar voice
Unknown tongue -Familiar voice

The distance – A matter of perception
The depth depends on point of view
I’m going to take you so far down
I’ve fallen into you…

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