Dec 06 2010

So This Is Love

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So this is love,
when I look upon, my beloved,
sleeping contentedly, cooing like a dove,
a smile forms, memories flood,
growing closer, with each passing year,
unaware of the changes ageing shows clear,
your beauty eternally imprinted upon my mind
imprinted throughout time

The only sadness, comes when we must part,
if, only for a short while,
soon to reunite for eternity,
to walk hand in hand,
as youths once again,
followed by a heavenly dove,
So this is love

This post was submitted by Mac McGovern.

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One Response to “So This Is Love”

  1. haileyon 07 Dec 2010 at 4:29 pm

    love is not the touch
    love is not the loust
    love is the way the person makes you feel
    love is the body moret you and the others share
    love is love. 😀

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