Apr 19 2011


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Are you happy now?
This is what you’ve done to me,
You’re making my life hell,
Thanks a lot; society.

Do I deserve it?
I guess that I do.
I’m cheap and disgusting,
According to you.

Its fake smiles and cover-ups,
That get me through the day,
But everyone’s beautiful,
Whatever they weigh?

Looks shouldn’t matter,
But I guess that they do,
Starving and cutting,
Just to get through.

Going through my mind,
Are the insults and shame.
Life is unkind,
It is such a cruel game.

So suppose that this is right,
The way that you make me think,
This shit that is slowly killing me,
Thanks a lot; society.

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One Response to “Society”

  1. pixieon 26 Apr 2011 at 11:40 am

    i know where coming from
    its sometimes hard to find somewhere u belong in this world
    awesomely raw poem

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