Mar 29 2012

Some Kid That Is

Published by at 12:56 am under Sad Love Poems

I may have adored this one person more than an alcoholic conceives his booze.

If being honest could only be smooth.

Now he has escaped my grasp,
Like leaves fall from their branch,
I’ve vanished more blankly than this mirage I’ve never felt,
And I’ll be forgotten,
Like footprints on the beachy sand,
Wondering about my ghostly impact on such a person.

If my wishes are only foolish,
Then let me sin and let me craze him,
Until its not normal.

He has engraved himself with no intentions maybe,
And maybe my thoughts are only an invisible burden upon his shoulders,
But he’s so significant,
That I feel as if I could withdraw without him,

He may be just a kid,
but his kid,
deteriorates my health with every fantasy.

I desire the feeling of inferiority,
The crush that reality blew on me,
As I realize his immaculateness.

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