Oct 04 2009

Somehow through fate

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Somehow through fate

Somehow through fate

 and the Miracle of cyberspace and AOL

We found each other in this place,

 In this time and in this way,

 Without any questions asked.

We picked it up not caring If it was real or not

Nurtured and cared for it With love and understanding.

The future left to the Gods.

Through these short months We have become like one

 In thought, deed and mind Knowing words not yet spoken
Thoughts not yet formed.

May all of our tomorrow’s be Like the shining jewel

 Our friendship growing brighter And more priceless with
passing time

And nurtured, loved, and treasured. And like that jewel of

 We hold it close to our hearts, Treasuring it a new day.

Neither knowing or caring WHY Just thankful that it

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    So beautiful!!

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