Dec 14 2010

Sonnet 021393

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I dont wanna be wit u
but i cant stand to be without u
lost in a deep sea of my own fears
hiding behind my blinding tears

i want u
but i dont want the burden of u
so lost in the moment
hey clock! the time just hold it

write me a song
words unfold
lines kiss my cheek

read me the lines
group together as one
but two apart are we

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One Response to “Sonnet 021393”

  1. iwait4you4everon 15 Dec 2010 at 1:51 am

    very sad… love is not always easy and it does take time…. it will always have to take two.. in the end it comes down to how much each person wants to make it work.. usually its one more than the other.. and i begin to fear in my case since the object of my affection and love isnt ready for it and believes i expect.. which i dont.. i hope for it and want it to happen but i do not expect it of them.. and right now our friendship means too much for me too keep focusing on how much i love and want to be with them.. when its not time.. and they need my friendship far more… it can be quite hard when your love does not know what they want… but i have faith one day he will figure it out.. and the fact even though we fight im always going to be there.. i never wouldnt talk to him.. sometimes i just need time like he does… i keep praying he will figure out regardless of my emotions… in the end we will always remain friends.. thats how much i love him.. i can put how i feel inside me and leave it there.. and if that time comes that he is ever ready.. i trust that he will let me know.. till then its best that i just try to take care of business and focus on myself… if i ever lost him out of my life i just dont know what i would do.. you see he is my best friend and in my heart my one true unconditional love.. maybe in time he will figure that out.. id rather have our friendship than nothing at all.. he is the only person i have ever felt this close with.. though lately.. i have felt like he is slipping away from me.. and it devistates me.. and i think too sometimes he assumes way too much.. and in the end i take the blame.. i just want his life to be easy as possible and i try to do what i can to make that happen and its easier said then done… oh well thats just a lil of my story.. so i can relate in part..

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