Mar 07 2011

Soul Bandit

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Look into my eyes and you will open the door to my soul?
And if you enter will you understand the story that was told?

For those who choose to take the journey it will take you many places
From days of glory to the people I know with their saddened faces

Is not the essence of my soul measured in the love I have to give?
For without those deep feelings can we say we really live

As you read my story and wander through the many days of pain
Understand that our suffering is how our soul will gain

For those of us who never struggle and never feel
That soul is shallow and they will die with hearts than never heal

Judge me not on the victories I have archived
But judge me on the love I have given and received

Judge me on those whom I loved and never loved me in return
Judge me on the paths to love I have destroyed and left to burn

And when your journey is through and you have a ready verdict
Know that my life was a quest for love and never perfect
When I looked into your eyes I could not see but only feel
You took control of my heart, my soul and to you then I would kneel

I beg you to hold my soul as gently as you would a new born birth
For I have trusted you with all I have all that I am worth
When life is over and we are placed into the ground
Let me eternally rejoice for the love that we had found

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  1. nidon 08 Mar 2011 at 5:17 pm

    really its a great poetry .keep it up

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