May 08 2011

Soulmate for me

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Father ,I’m praying that one day I will be happy
That I don’t have to act and put on a fake smile

Father ,why do heartbreaks even take place
How many of us truly long for a soulmate

We keep searching but we will never find
We keep waiting but time flies by

Father ,why do I fall for the bad guys
So many relations buried in the past

When well I find him
The Mr. that makes me his Ms.

I want to love some one ,that loves me back
Some on who stays through thick and thin
And when you can’t stand ,he takes you on his back

Father ,why do we fall for the illusion
Thinking that we are in love while were not

Why do I speak “those words” ,I feel so stupid

True love is like a rose
It takes time to bloom

Father ,why do we fall for the words “I love you”
If the words are said without true feelings

Father ,forgive us for giving away our hearts
To the ones who we thought we loved

As we grow older we start to understand
Some forgive or start to regret
“Maybe I should have waited for the one to ask my hand”

Father ,You created a soulmate for every one
The question is ,whether we will find it or not…

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