Jul 23 2011


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Living inside of a broken dream
I began to realize I’ll never be free
staring at blank walls
the room slowly getting smaller
staring at my hands
i still have a tremor
staring at my arms
scars remind of pain
staring at my scars
i know I’ll never be okay
staring into my mind
it’s been distorted and twisted
staring into the past
my life has been shifted
staring into a mirror
i can see an broken soul
staring at just myself
i can see an empty hole
where my heart used to be
locked up and kept away
but i lost it forever and so nothing remains
you can take my life
coz its already over
its too late for me
i can stay here no longer
this world is dead to me
reality will never sink in
im stuck deep inside
the darkness of sin
now im dying this sweet death
living in a nightmare
and there’s nothing more i can do but

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One Response to “Staring”

  1. Justaboyon 23 Jul 2011 at 5:28 am

    This was really well written, there were a lot of emotions there, and you had a riveting near-rhyme pattern. It’s a beautiful piece. I’m very sorry for the pains you felt when writing it.

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