May 07 2011

Stolen Trust

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Remember what you were to me?
The love I had for you?
Remember how you felt the same?
Not very many knew..
Remember all those secrets shared?
All those hours on the phone?
The way we made eachother feel.. not quite so alone?
You were there through all my heartache, and I was there for you.
Betrayal shouldn’t sting so bad.
For me it’s nothing new.
Just another broken piece of me that I will have to mend.
For I truly never expected something like this from you, my friend.
Though I’ve got to hand it to you, how well you played your part.. Because, although we’ve never dated, you still managed to break my heart.

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One Response to “Stolen Trust”

  1. aedenon 29 Aug 2011 at 6:25 am

    A beautiful poem of love unrequited. I’m sorry you have had to know that pain, BeautifulD. Your words move me, as I too know that path. Your words are so potent because I can feel the emotion you put into them.

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